Rhinestone Application FAQ

Rhinestone Appliqué Iron-On Instructions

Inspect appliqué. If any stones have shifted, nudge into place with thumb or tweezers.

Carefully remove white backing & position where desired.

Gently smooth applique onto fabric.

Set iron to cotton or wool setting (steam off).

Cover appliqué with pressing cloth and Iron.

Press firmly for 30-45 seconds. – Lift iron.

(Do Not move the iron directly on transfer).

Be sure each area has been heated & pressed.

Remove cloth. Allow a moment to cool.

Slowly remove the clear film from appliqué.

(Repeat as needed until all stones are adhered.)

*Extra or Replacement stones may be placed as desired with tweezers, pliers, or by hand.



What could cause the rhinestones to not adhere?

*These rhinestones have industrial strength adhesive that is activated with heat and set with pressure.  If the stones do not get hot enough for the adhesive to activate or receive enough pressure to set, they may not all stick.

*Not all fabrics are compatible with heat or adhesive.

Fabrics that have a coating for water, heat, and/or wrinkle protection/resistance may not accept adhesive.

*It is important to consult material labeling prior to application.

*It is highly recommended to always test a small area of the fabric before applying the transfer.

(Bling Sparkle Shine Ltd. assumes no liability in any damage made by use of design or transfer.)